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NOOD is made by pet lovers for pet lovers. To bring our vision to life we worked hand in hand with leading animal nutrition experts to develop a range of recipes perfect for your pets and ours.

Here at NOOD, we are open about the ingredients in our recipes, and those that aren’t. When you feed your pet NOOD you can trust they are receiving a complete and balanced diet, packed full of premium ingredients with no pesky fine print. 

Do it gradually over 10 days. 

First 3 days; 75 Old food : 25 NOOD. 

Next 3; 50 old food : 50 NOOD. 

Last 3; 25 old food : 75 NOOD.

10th day; 100% NOOD.

If your pet is having a tough time transitioning, simply go back a step and allow it more time to adjust to the new diet.

First time trying NOOD? We recommend slowly transitioning your pet over 10 days so they can adjust smoothly to their new diet. Every pet is different, so if you are still facing troubles, extend this period as you need or reach out to us – we’re here to help!

If your pet has previously eaten NOOD, reluctance to eat could be due to illness, In which case we recommend talking to a registered vet.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a sample or coupon program, although we do have trial sizes (1.5kg) available in-store. We also run various giveaways through social media, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page here:

Ingredients & Quality

All our ingredients are tested rigorously before being accepted into our facilities and we operate with the highest food safety standards. You can find more information about our food safety standards here.

We work with trusted suppliers to source ingredients from all over the world, focusing on quality and consistency of supply.

We spent nine months traveling the world and visiting the most trusted and expert manufacturers, and as a result produce all our recipes in world-class Thailand facilities.

Yes! We run testing on our recipes with over 30 pets of all ages, breeds and sizes. Official AAFCO feeding trials only require 6 pets.


Yes, all of our dry and wet recipes are complete and balanced diets for all life stages.

Both wet and dry foods are nutritionally complete. The single biggest difference between the two is moisture content, with wet food having a much higher moisture content. Many people find dry kibble to be more convenient, however if feeding dry kibble, you will need to make sure your pet is drinking plenty of water.


We are now available at Coles Nationwide!

We try our best to keep up with stock levels however if you can’t find a specific recipe in your local store you can always shop online at Coles.

Alternatively you can flick us a message and we’ll look into it for you!

Don't be scared... we don't bite.

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